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Twelve Ways to Keep the Spark Going in an Intimate Relationship

Sometimes, while in an intimate relationship, you can lose sight of each other's needs, wants, and desires. Sincere love may exist, but if you don't consciously decide to stay connected and meet each other's needs, eventually the romance will fade, and the bond, BROKEN. Let's face it! You must put the work in just like you did when the relationship first began. Here are twelve ways to keep the spark going:

  1. Communicate regularly.

  2. Make a conscious decision to look attractive to one another.

  3. Touch each other, hug, cuddle, make sex fun and a priority.

  4. Give each other thoughtful and unexpected gifts.

  5. Express gratitude.

  6. Go on romantic getaways.

  7. Laugh together and try to make each other smile every day.

  8. Give each other space because it's true - absence does make the heart grow fonder.

  9. Learn new things together or share a common hobby.

  10. Go on dates, but be creative and do different activities.

  11. Be selfless and find out what your partner's needs, desires, and wants are.

  12. Be open, honest, gentle, and respectful.

A successful relationship won't just happen. It requires effort from both parties. Let the love you have for one another lead the way. All or some of these suggestions may or may not work, but they are worth a try, and if you're the praying type, it won't hurt to do that together, also.

Best wishes,

Cup of Vic

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