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How It Got Started

The Cup of Vic was created in honor of my mother, Ruby Tennial, affectionately known as, Ms. Ruby.

In 1961 in Memphis, TN, I was born to Ruby Tennial and Eli Hill, and l grew up in the Bethel Grove neighborhood. BG4L!

One of six children, I was probably the most contrary of all! I was kind of a class clown and a little precocious, but maybe that was by default because my middle name IS "Mature."  Needless to say, I got into trouble a lot! One day perhaps, I'll share about a beating I once received from my mom due to one of my mischievous acts.  Even my siblings felt sorry for me!

Nonetheless, I think everyone knew  I was a good-hearted kid. In school, the girls were drawn to me!  In fact, I've always been popular with women, so it was easy for me to make friendships with them, and because of this, I learned from them and developed a sympathetic perspective for what women go through in life. I certainly saw how my mother struggled to find true love and, unfortunately, never did.

Our mother was a beautiful, fun-loving, feisty, God-fearing woman, and just like everyone else, she experienced her ups and downs in life. She accomplished a lot, learned many hard lessons, and made sure to impart her wisdom to her children. I was blessed to have spent the last seven months of her life along her side, caring for her as best I could. We talked a lot! She would make statements like, "A woman can grow to love someone, but a man either loves you from the start or does not." She unapologetically spoke her mind, and she encouraged me to do the same and become a Relationship Blogger. She said I had a knack for it! Thus the reason for the "Cup of Vic" and me sharing

"Thee Naked Truth."

My mission as a "relationship blogger" is to bridge the gap between the way men and women think about love and hopefully bring them together in love. This project is definitely a journey for me! I am still learning and hope you will learn with me. After all, if you are not learning, you are not living! 

Here's to Ms. Ruby #RIH

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